Friday, August 7, 2009

(19) RSS feed - clarifying my thinking

I am exploring RSS feed. This is because Jane replied to a previous posting - about this.

As I understand it, RSS feed allows immediate info when someone posts something in a blog or in a forum etc. within a social networking site.

For example, I think, tentatively that

* on Twitter you get immediate feed from those people/groups you identify

* within Moodle and other LMS it is possible to "subscribe" to forums - this means you get an email every time there is a posting

* if I set up a home page of some kind (like on Google) I can put RSS feeds onto it and see what has happened when I look at it. It would be possible to put an RSS feed from a blog onto that. That would solve Jane's problem.

* blogger allows me to RSS from a blog using "Subscribe to" and provides options including *Google, *Bloglines, *Netvibes *Newsgater, *Yahoo, *Atom. And I can choose whether to subscribe to fresh entries and/or comments. But it seems as though, to do this, I need to be using one of the list above - I think it is actually Yahoo that I have played with - will revisit that someday soon.

* In wetpaint there is a list of 55 places I can share material with. It includes all the above plus Twitter and a heap of things I have not heard of.

* BLoglines was interesting - it let me see a list of my own postings.

However - my problem is that I have not gotten into the habit of using my Google homepage in this way and I do not know if I want to. Might do this job? And if it does, which would I use.

I want ask colleagues about this. (possibly 601? Christina? Nikki?) or Gordon, Derek, Niki?

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  1. I think there are times like this when collaborative huddling over a computer screen could be productive...