Saturday, September 27, 2014

Returning after time away

I am amazed to see that this blog has been read in the last couple of months. The ideas are still dear to me. The writing of this thesis changed my life so that I see the world differently now: in the past I thought that other people had firm knowledge and that I struggled to understand that knowledge and remember it. Now I see that all knowledge is tentative and socially constructed. This different understanding has changed my life.

Today I am returning to this blog (and many others that I have begun) for two reasons - to increase my understanding of the technologies and to share my thinking about the freedom of ideas so that others who are interested can talk with me about the ideas.

Since I retired a couple of years ago I have found that my way of working is interesting to lots of people. (It is threatening to some people too - but that is another story - part of my current learning is figuring out how to reassure and build good relations with a couple of people who have not understood my actions - and the misunderstanding has led to hurt.)

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